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A Snowy Village Scene

Oil on Canvas
16” x 24”

Lazlo Vigyazo

Hungarian born 1945

Laszlo Vigyazo was an artist specialising in village scenes, especially snowscapes. He was born in Hungary in 1945 and was influenced by the 19th century Dutch romantic artists.

A Snowy Village Scene is a fine example of Laszlo Vigyazo’s work. Under a cloudy grey sky, the villagers are gathered in groups with their horses and dogs, a child is being pulled on a toboggan, a young girl is feeding her horse,  and a woman is selling vegetables from a sleigh – an every day scene of 19th century village life. The attention to detail is exquisite, with the snow-laden trees, crisp snow underfoot, icicles hang from the farm buildings. The artist has painted a lovely composition and sense of distance, with the figures at the rear just coming into view.

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