William Garthwaite

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‘Getting under weigh’
Oil on canvas 16” x 25 ”

William Garthwaite
British 1821-1899

Although little is known of this talented marine artist, works by him can be found in the Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead, the National Museum in Liverpool and the National Museum in Greenwich.

William Garthwaite displays a great knowledge and love of the sea and this is reflected in the accuracy and merit of his marine paintings. Getting under Weigh, sees a well dressed man being rowed out to join the departing ship by two local fishermen.  The ship is flying the red ensign of the merchant navy and is preparing for its’ voyage on the high seas. Seagulls hover near the fishing boat, probably attracted by the catch and more modest vessels can be seem close by with the coastline in the distance..

From the works in the museums and on the market in the past, Garthwaite appears to hail from the north of England and possibly around Tyneside, an area with a strong shipping tradition.

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