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Signed & dated 1857
Oil on canvas 18” tondo (Pair)

W.E.D. Stuart
British fl.1846-1858

Living in Stepney, London, William Stuart was a Victorian painter of fruit, flowers, still-life and genre. He was one of the many artists of the period who, influenced by the earlier Dutch Old Masters painted colourful still-lifes of exotic fruit and flowers.  The newly affluent factory and mill owners, looking to decorate their new elegant villas with art, to emulate the country homes of the landed gentry were eager buyers of these paintings.  Their taste was for bright colour and elaborate gilt frames and like these two fine examples, Stuart’s paintings were expensively and beautifully framed in fine gilt-wood frames.

William Stuart exhibited in London, mainly at the British Institution, Suffolk Street but also at the Royal Academy 1846-1858.  Although his subjects were mainly fruit and flowers, he also painted the occasional genre scenes including ‘’The Gondola Night’, ‘Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Lilliput’ and ‘The Thames off Limehouse’.

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