Robert Frank-Krauss

A Stitch in Time


‘A Stitch in Time’
Oil on Panel 8” x 6”

German 1893-1950

Robert Frank-Krauss was a German artist who lived in the city of Dachau and the surrounding areas in Upper Bavaria, Germany, specialising in expressive portraits executed with outstanding technique of the people of the city of Dachau and surrounding villages.

Combining realism with nostalgia and romanticism, Frank-Krauss portraits are of ordinary folk – often his own friends and acquaintances. The artist depicts men and women in colourful clothes playing instruments, reading a newspaper, stuffing pipes, sharing friendly hugs – day to day life in Bavaria. In A Stitch in Time, a slightly dishevelled old gent threads a needle to perhaps sew a button onto his waistcoat. The fact that he is mending his own clothes indicates that the old chap has no woman to care for him – the artist hereby squeezes extra pathos from the scene.

Frank-Krauss’ small-scale paintings on canvas and panel, often humorous, are characterised by figures formed with short, terse brushstrokes and bright, fresh colours that animates the light and its’ reflection. Robert Frank-Krauss died in Dachau in 1950.


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