Louise Perman

‘Yellow Roses’

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‘Yellow Roses’
Oil on canvas 18” x 32”

British  fl.1899-d.1921

Still life painter Louise Perman created exquisitely decorative flower paintings, much in the style of James Stuart Park. Her technique, as his, was very much about suggestion and gesture: she used thick, rapid strokes against a dark background to capture a sense of the luscious blooms she was representing, rather than recreating them photographically.

The freshness and spontaneity of this approach also calls to mind the fleeting nature of beauty before the flowers wilt and die, making the viewer consider the act of painting as much as to the flowers themselves. This is fine work that sits firmly between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a precursor to more abstracted and naive painting styles that developed later on.

Perman was a Glasgow painter who exhibited at the Royal Academy. Further examples of her work can be found in Glasgow Art Gallery.

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