Frederick William Hulme

'A Midday Rest'

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‘A Midday Rest’
Signed & dated 1867
Oil on Canvas
30” x 50”

Frederick William Hulme
British 1816-1884

Fredercik Willaim Hulme was born in Swinton, Yorkshire in 1816 and his early training as an artist, was at the hands of his mother, a procelain painter. His subjects were mostly in Wales and Surrey, but he also painted idyllic landscapes, with rustic figures and animals, in clear and fresh tones.

A Midday Rest, depicts a peaceful scene, set against a backdrop of trees in full bloom, a solitary huntsman, accompanied by his faithful hounds, chances upon the ploughman, who has taken a break to water his horse. Sun streams through the lush trees, dappling the path as the two men get ready to exchange a few words. The ploughman’s dog stands alert on the bridge as the huntsman and hounds approach onto his territory! Frederick William Hulme’s A Midday Rest is a nostalgic nod to a time gone by, when the pace of life was far slower, but England’s green and pleasant land has remained unchanged for centuries.

Frederick William Hulme exhibited at the Birmingham Academy in 1841, before moving to London in 1844, to further his career. Initially he worked as an illustrator and engraver, but soon gained recognition he craved, exhibiting at the Royal Academy 1852-1884, the British Institution and the Royal Society of Arts. His fine works attracted thte attention of many wealthy patrons from the emerging middle classes, who, nostalgic for the countryside, they left behind, were eager to buy his paintings of an idealised Englaish landscape.

His works can be found in the museums of Liverpool and Wolverhampton.

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